The Ultimate Gift

The Season of Advent is quickly coming to a close. Last Sunday, Rex gave a talk at our parish for an event called XLT. XLT is short for “exalt”, which means to highly praise. The night started off with a couple praise and worship songs. Then following Rex’s talk, our pastor processed in with the Blessed Sacrament for a time Continue Reading →

6 Years Down and Going Strong

This year for our anniversary we galavanted to places that were filled with the wonderment of creation, awe-inspiring moments, and uplifting interactions with others. Despite the fact that Rachel and I both grew up in the Pacific Northwest, this was the first time we explored the Olympic Peninsula. We had planned to stay local because originally Rachel was going to be in Continue Reading →

My desire to be a Dad

I Found Change and Didn’t Want It Hate. War. Killing. Racial & Religious Bigotry. Murders. Rape. Who wouldn’t have second thoughts about raising children or having a family in this senseless world? Rightly so! But I was up for that task, or so I thought. Being the youngest of four, I always yearned for younger siblings and from a young Continue Reading →