Friends for the Journey

circa 2012

It is the friends that we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey. Our friends Joe and Krishelle Currier have been instrumental in our life pilgrimage. We are incredibly thankful to God for their friendship.

This past June Joe and Krishelle celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary. Rex and I first met Krishelle while Joe was deployed in Afghanistan just months before our wedding in 2010. When Joe returned home safely the four of us instantly became close. It was like we had been friends our entire lives.

Shortly after our friendship began and after years for not conceiving, Joe and Krishelle found out that they would not be able to have biological children of their own. We journeyed with them through lots of testing, doctors appointments and heartache. They were absolutely devastated by this news and heartbroken as they mourned the dream and joy that pregnancy and birth of a new baby brings to a family.

As young newlyweds, we were ignorant of a struggle to have children. Even in our own marriage preparation, there was never a conversation of what if we struggled to have children but rather how we would chose to raise our children. Despite our ignorance, we stood by our friends’ side. We cried with them and mourned as they adjusted to their ‘new normal’. Rex and I would sometimes wonder if this too would be our cross to bear.

Little did we know that our cross would be similar but very different. We continued to love, support and encourage our dear friends but then something shifted. Just shortly after our two year wedding anniversary, we were pregnant with our first, Casey Francis. We were blown away by the reality of this new life. And up until this point, we could related to Joe and Krishelle’s heartache of dreading seeing every pregnancy update posted on social media or the incessant inquires of when we were going to have kids.

I knew how much they longed for a positive pregnancy test and did not want this cause division in our friendship.  The weekend after we found about Casey, we spent the day at the beach in Seattle with the Curriers. Rex and I had talked before meeting up with then and decided that we wanted them to be the first to know. We also wanted to be conscientious in how we told them knowing that pregnancy was a sensitive subject.

Willow Tree gift

Despite now being in two different places: Krishelle, in her own grief from infertility and my excitement of being a new mom, our friendship prevailed. The next time we saw them, Krishelle gave us this Willow Tree for us to remember this gift of life that we have been given no matter the outcome. Weeks later we received the news of miscarriage for the first time. It seems so familiar to think about now but my world shattered in ways that I have not been able to put back together.

Joe and Krishelle have been there for us through it all. The Willow Tree gift is one of a myriad of examples they have poured out love for us. Their story is one of many that have inspired Rex and I to not take for granted our beloved little ones. I know that not only my friend but other countless women would give ANYTHING just to see a positive pregnancy test.

As I think back over the years, I don’t know what my life would be like without the Currier’s friendship. I know that we would be totally different people.

Memorable day celebrating Krishelle’s 30th Birthday

Krishelle and I are able to vent to one another about outrageous and insensitive things people would say or do (regardless if it was intentional or not). I could just send her a quick text knowing that she understood my pain. We were a part of this secret society that we didn’t really want to be a part of. It seemed like it was us against the world. Many times our stories would begin with, “I have to tell you what happened to me today because I know you’ll understand.”

Similarly, Joe and Rex are able to share their feelings and grief with one another as a husband and head of the household; man to man. They are able to console and encourage one another.

The Curries have been an example of great faith and trust in God. Staying true to their Catholic faith, they remained obedient to the Church’s teachings on extraordinary means of reproduction. When they got the news of infertilty, Joe was active duty military and doctors encouraged them to pursue avenues contrary to their beliefs that would be paid for through their insurance. Although tempted, they refused.

After years of infertility and prayerful discernment, they felt called to began navigating through the world of adoption a few months ago. They had always wanted to adopt but thought it would be after they had biological children of their own. Adoption is a calling and not a cure of their infertility. Soon Joe and Krishelle quickly realized the outrageous costs of adoption and applied to several agencies.

The Curriers chose Adoption USA for several noble reasons. Through contacting birthmothers and adoptive parents that have used this agency, they found that all parties involved were treated with respect and dignity. It is important to the Curriers that the birthmother be treated as a person with dignity and not as a means for a commodity. Another reason is this agency credits them a majority of the amount paid for a future adoption in the event the birthmother changes her mind.

Their adoption is estimated to cost about $43,000, which may shock most people but it is the reality of the situation. They have already paid $10,000 and were matched with a birthmother in Florida about a month ago. They need to raise almost $30,000. This amount doesn’t include travel costs or items needed to raise their baby girl. They are so close to their goal but only have three more days.

I humbly ask you to join us in support of the Curriers and give. No amount is too small and they so appreciate every donation. Truly it takes a village to raise a child, will you consider donating to help bring Baby C home?

Regardless if you give financially, please hold them in your prayers. Even after the money is given to the agency there is no guarantee. Please pray for the Curriers, the birthmother and her doctors, their adoption agency and all those involved.

Praying for you,


Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter; whoever finds one finds a treasure. Faithful friends are beyond price, no amount can balance their worth. Faithful friends are life-saving medicine: those who fear God will find them. Sirach 6:14-16








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