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HAbout Usello and Welcome!

We are Rex and Rachel Yabut(Yaw-boht), married in July 2010. We are young, enthusiastic, faithful Catholics who are blessed to recognize God’s presence in our lives…and we aren’t a typical family.

Most people think of dad, mom, and 2.5 children as a “normal” family. Frankly,  after five years of marriage, we expected that we would have little Yabut children’s hands to hold, noses to wipe, diapers to change, and significant events to celebrate with.

Instead, to most people, the Yabut family consists of just the two of us and no children. In reality,  God has blessed us with eight unique, irreplaceable lives that He called home before we ever had a chance to hold any one of them.

Through this blog we hope to share more about each precious gift of new life that our family has received from God and to write about our grief and our hope. At times, the prenatal loss of our children has led us to suffer silently and to grieve alone. This “silent suffering” has understandably caused moments of despair, hopelessness, and anger. But, thankfully, we have discovered that we are not alone.

Many people have shared with us their grief in prenatal loss or infertility and have inspired us to share our story and start this blog. We believe that we will be able to grow in holiness and happiness by struggling and triumphing in community with others.

Our prayer is that in community we can share in our joy and help pull others out of the depths of grief inevitably experienced in this life. Life is messy and difficult, joyous and hopeful, sometimes for seasons. You may say, “Yeah, but it’s life.” So do we, sometimes with great joy and sometimes with great sadness.

“Yeah, but it’s life.” And God has done incredible things in our lives in the midst of our grief. We don’t know what God has for us in our future but we do know that we continue to cling to Him and trust in Him.

You are in our prayers.

Feel free to comment, share your story, enjoy your visit, and thank you for stopping by!


Rex & Rachel

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  1. Heather

    Dearest Rex and Rachel, Thank you for sharing your story. Rex and I met about 8 years ago. We were friends right away! I am not very religious but I am spiritual and I also believe we meet people for a reason. I always felt a kindred spirit with you right away. Thought it was funny when your tie would match my outfit for some unknown reason, that happened a lot! You were there for me when I went through the third miscarriage and you were there when my final child did make his appearance. I just wanted to tell you both that I am so sorry for the pain caused from losing those precious angels. It is an indescribable feeling that I would not wish on anyone. You have the hearts that would make such amazing parents and I hope one day be it natural or otherwise, you get to enjoy the sheer joy parenthood brings. Until then, keep your chins up, your hearts and minds open and what will be will be. You are never alone tho. Much love, Heather <3


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