Our Joyful Advent and Christmas

Hello! Remember me? I know, I have been absent in the blogosphere and I have no good excuse worth noting except that I’m hoping it will change a bit for 2018. I may need to write a few #tb to catch everyone up on what has been going on in the Yabut’s lives. 🙂 Until then, here’s a tid-bit of our Advent and Christmas 2017.

I love the Church in her wisdom to give us the Liturgical Calendar. Advent is one of my favorite times of the year. The word advent comes for the Latin word adventus, which means ‘coming’. It is a time where we prepare for Jesus’ coming at Christmas but also remember His second coming. Honestly, it’s also because I have a slight obsession for purple and it’s one of two times during the year when I can decorate with all things purple and Rex cannot complain. 🙂

As you can see in the background, I have purple lights that I string across our living room. I got them several years ago after Halloween with the intent to use them during Advent and Lent.

We haven’t had a fireplace for a few years so this year I made these stockings for each one our beloved babies (another #tb post to come). Stockings go up with other Advent decorations for St. Nicholas Feast day on December 6.

This year Advent was short since the 4th Sunday of Advent fell on Christmas Eve. We normally try to wait until at least the 4th Sunday to put up our tree – not because I’m against putting up Christmas decorations early but more so because I want to relish in the purple. This year we put our tree up on December 21.

Here are a few of my new favorite ornaments: the first four were handmade by my talented neighbor and the last two are beautiful memorials for our babies – first one is from Just Love Prints and the second was a gift.

Our Christmas celebrations began with Christmas Eve dinner with my family. Gabe was not interested in taking a picture – youtube kids is obviously way more interesting.

So naturally, our silly picture is everyone-look-at-Gabe.

Then we headed to Midnight Mass, which is always my favorite.

Christmas morning was spent with Rex’s family. This year we decided rather than exchanging gifts, we would do a grown-up White Elephant Gift Exchange. By grown-up, I mean that we bought generic gifts worth $20-40. It was fun and low-key, which I appreciated. We aren’t the best gift givers so the pressure was off.

WA had a White Christmas, which is rare. It’s only happened 7 times in the last 121 years. 

If that wasn’t enough packed into two days, we also hosted a mini #friendmas.

Christmas was also one week before Elise’s baptism. We are honored to be her godparents (another blog to follow).

We rested and recuperated on Tuesday before deciding on a last minute trip to Albuquerque the next day to visit dear friends of ours.

Got seated in Premium Class without having to pay extra, which meant a little extra leg room and a free alcoholic beverage. Score!

Then we started our day off with daily Mass.

Then visited our favorite barista and the Sanchez family before making a trip to Santa Fe.

While in Santa Fe, we attempted a visit to the Loretto Chapel but didn’t get to go inside due to a wedding – guess that means, we’ll definitely have to go back and visit.

Instead we visited and prayed at the Cathedral.

After a long day, we had a home-cooked meal and played Speak Out (I’ll spare everyone the embarrassment by not posting pics/videos)

The next day we spent relaxing and continuing our Harry Potter binge.

This was Rex’s first time in NM and he kept wondering, “Is ‘fill-in-the-blank’ a New Mexican thing?” so it was only fitting that we had dinner at THE New Mexican Restaurant Sadies.

We flew back to WA just in time to do a few loads of laundry and make Elise’s baptismal candle. And the next day, on the Feast of the Holy Family our dear friend Fr. Dean baptized our sweet goddaughter.

That evening we celebrated New Year’s Eve with my family and my sister-in-law’s family who were visiting from the Bay.

The next day on the feast of Holy, Mary Mother of God we consecrated ourselves to our mother, Mary. We used the devotion 33 Days to Morning Glory. Lastly, we also started #whole30January. So far so good. Say an extra prayer for Rex though, that he’ll have enough discipline to finish. 🙂 Maybe the third time is the charm?

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

As the Christmas season comes to a close, know that Rex and I continue to pray for you and would be honored to pray for a special intention any time.

This time was filled with lots of good memories, laughter and joy yet underneath it there still lies the ache of grief. God continues to bless us with more than we could have ever imagine and gives the extra grace we need to live each day for Him.

Praying for you,









4 thoughts on “Our Joyful Advent and Christmas

  1. Margie

    We pray for you every day that soon, very soon, God blesses you with a baby in your arms. Love the Antles family!!

  2. Terri

    Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas season with us! We loved having you here, and enjoyed Rex’s constant “Is ________ a NM thing?” Lol We can’t wait for you to come back, and hope you can hang out a little longer so that we can show you guys more of our beautiful state. Your favorite barista misses you tremendously, as do we! We love you both so much and keep you in our prayers. Now, if I can only kick this horrible cold, I can get to Mass soon.

    1. R&R Post author

      Oh no, so sorry you caught a terrible cold. Hope you didn’t it from Rex. We miss you and love you lots too!!


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